Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A White Christmas

White with baptismal clothing that is.  On the first day after Christmas, the Savior gave to us, four baptisms! This is in addition to the three we had last week.  Our recent convert Dulce, who was one of the individuals baptized last week, gave the first talk at the baptism service this week and she rocked it! I was sitting right in front of President Mathews for the service and before it began I told him we were all nervous for her because she was just baptized and didn't like to speak in front of people... but when she finished I heard him turn to his family and other people that were there with him and whisper, "She was baptized just last week!" Dulce and Telma are going to be amazing members of the church.

The work in this ward and area is really booming right now. We've had over ten investigators in church every week this transfer - the mission average is about four.  I love our Bishop and our ward, our recent converts are going to be will looked after.  It would be just fine with me if I stayed in this area with Sister Rasmussen for the rest of my mission. 
Merry Christmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!

Sister Hanzel

Baptisms this week
Baptisms last week

Praia Zone Christmas Party

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