Monday, May 4, 2015

Feelin' a Little Bit Cabo Verdean

I love the young women in our ward
Boa Tarde!
This week I got to experience and try a few things that make Cabo Verde well, Cabo Verde. 
While at the home of one of our favorite less actives in the branch, we taught him about the importance of coming to church, and he taught us how to make cous cous.  It's really yummy - sort of like a dense sweet bread.  I'm going to buy a "binde" (the clay pot used to make cous cous) today and try and make it at our apartment.
Ja teaching us how to make cous cous
This week I also learned how to hand wash clothes. I've noticed all the women here have really toned arms, and now I know why. Hand washing clothes is a workout! But it was great, Sister Friaca and I loved helping Nelida, one of our favorite members, wash her clothes. It was our way of saying thanks because she has been helping me with my oh so struggling Portuguese.
Washing clothes with Nelida
This morning we had to say goodbye to one of our Sisters in the Assomada house - Sister Cuelho, the Sister from Portugal, has been transferred to Praia to be a Sister Training Leader. She'll be great. She was in Assomada for almost nine months so it's about time. We threw her a parting party last night with Bolacha cake, a crown I had way too much fun decorating, a toast, and her parting words of wisdom to her posterity (us, because she trained Sister Friaca and Sister Friaca is training me). 
Well, time is short this week because of transfers, and there for my post is a little shorter; but I'm really grateful and excited I get to work with Sister Friaca in Assomada for another transfer. 
Love to you all!
Sister Hanzel

The human hoop - I try to sacrifice what I can for the people (I am glad these kids were good shots)

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  1. Keep the posts coming! We love hearing all the exciting things happening on your mission!