Monday, April 13, 2015

Planting Drops


This was a great week - first zone conference, first testimony meeting, I'm still having "firsts" in the mission.

One of my favorite things about Cabo Verde is the kids. They are always super excited to see and yell "Hola!"or "Seeters seesters!", then giggle when we respond. Many will run straight at you at full speed and plow into you with a ginormous hug, whether they know you or not. The kids I'm more familiar with love to play with my hair or trace the veins in my hand because mine are visible and theirs are not. They're super creative too, creating toys out of tires and water bottles. I love when they wear clothes with English words on them that don't make sense, "Baking Soda" being the winning shirt so far.

Some kids just touch you more than others, literally and figuratively. Whenever I pass by or say hi to a little kid and feel that little extra tug from the Spirit, I try to leave them with something, and then point to my nametag and say, "Remember 'Sisters' ok?" They're always more excited about my present then my nametag, but they nod and I hope some of them will remember. 

Originally, I was giving them silly bandz, but the younger kids would just eat them - so this week I started stocking up on these yummy little candies they have here called "drops".

While walking through Nhagar (a street in our area) we passed two of the cutest little girls and I felt that little tug. So I turned around, found two drops in my bag, and gave one to each of them, telling them to "Lembrar o Sisteres, 'sta fishe?" They of course were thrilled and nodded. 

As we were walking away, I told Sister Friaca that they may not remember "Sisters" or our nametags, but how great would it be if one day they let the missionaries into their homes because they did?

"Yup! We're planting seeds here in Assomada", she said.
"True that! But we're not planting seeds, we're planting drops." 

So this week I challenge you to plant your own 'drop'. It doesn't have to be big, 1 drop costs 2 escudos (roughly 2 cents) - but even just a smile, a compliment, or a random act of service can make someone's day and open doors later on.

Have a lovely week!
Sister Hanzel

We were walking in Nhagar and saw that little boy reading a Mormon pamphlet! He was kind enough to let me take a picture

First Zone Conference! All the Sisters in our Assomada house.

Noemia and me, one of the member's daughters

Chess picture I love

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