Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sister, You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile!

Leaping Lizards! It's been a great week. As I've gathered from all your emails, there was a blizzard hitting Saratoga this morning. It's been snowing up here too! We walked straight through that winter wonderland to the temple this morning and it was beautiful! My district is directing traffic for incoming missionaries in the morning however, so hopefully the sun'll come out tomorrow!

"Little girls, little girls", meet the newest mother of the year!
This week I was called as a second Sister Training Leader for our zone! Our zone is one of the biggest in the MTC with seven districts and so Sister Jones and I are in charge of the health and happiness of over 25 sisters. We're basically mother figures for the incoming sisters (training them on the ins-and-outs of MTC life, providing a listening ear, and providing bed sheets!) We also attend all the meetings the zone leaders attend, which means, a lot of meetings :). But it's a blast getting to know all the sisters so well and Sister Jones and I have a phone! So we're really cool. 

"We got Annie!"
Well, we didn't get Annie, but we did get a lot of new missionaries this week! And my district was assigned to host! It was a ton of fun. I can't believe I've been here long enough to host new missionaries- but I hosted two darling sisters who are on their way to Mongolia and San Francisco. 

"It's a hard knock life..."
This week both of my district's teachers were sick. Our morning teacher Sister Smith was in a minor car accident and found out that she had a concussion and was pregnant in the same day! Oh my goodness oh my goodness! She's been married for six months and said both announcements were a surprise. And so! As a result she's been consistently nauseous and class has been a no-go for her. Our afternoon teacher Brother Lefever had the flu for a few days. So this week was an interesting one with substitutes and combined district lessons. I'm pretty sure we've been taught by every professor in the Portuguese hallway... kinda fun!
Portuguese is coming slowly but surely! We've starting moving past the Caveman phase, "You read", "We missionary church Jesus Christ", you get the idea. This past week our district started having "SYL" or "Speak Your Language" days. On these days we are only allowed to speak Portuguese. Muito difficile, mas, muito importante! (You understand that one right? :)

"Let's go to the movies!"
Every Sunday after the Devotional is movie night! This week Sister Jones and I watched, "Meet the Mormons" with Elder Katipunan and Elder Hilton because none of them had seen it, and all three of them loved it! (Even though Elder Hilton didn't want to admit it, he did). The movie took on a whole new meaning watching it as a missionary. It reminded me of the potential in everyone and how being a missionary fulfills the wish I've had the past few years to help the world be a better place. Sharing the gospel is the only change I can make that will be lasting and have the largest ripple effect. On a mission, you have to work as if it all depends on you, but trust, because it all depends on Him. 
Well! That's about all for this week. The great thing about the MTC is it helps you develop and get used to a routine, but the repetitiveness makes emails home a challenge. But stay tuned! Africa in two weeks!!! Thank you for all the love and letters, and remember, it's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe that matters!
Sister Hanzel


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